The expensive but divine lipsticks

Every woman loves makeup, not a lot maybe, a little for everyone though. Lipsticks are something even a minimalist enjoys unless you are a modern day hermit who couldn’t care less. I go around shopping for cosmetics on a whim, I’m very particular about my makeup; what goes in it , it’s quality and worth and if a particular product is worth the price i paid. My skin care products make their way to my counter space only after tons of trials of samples and reviews of happy customers.

Big red lipstick

Tom Ford is a sought after name in fashion industry; when i saw his make up line in Nordstorm;i did not think much of it, browsing casually through it, i just thought it was too expensive. Not something i would want to waste y money on; i was quite happy with my current selections- no thank you! Little did i know this name would sneak into my world and have me hopelessly hooked!

It was a fine Monday morning when my usual monthly subscription box brought me a trial size of this lipstick, i stared at it for a while unsure what to make of it and chucked it i the nearest hand bag and there it stayed forgotten unit one fateful day that i was driving to a meeting and needed some quick lipstick. This lipstick had melted slightly and when i put it on it wet on so smooth and creamy, hiding my hideously chapped lips under a coat of smooth, pigmented and velvety softness. I was sold!

TF lipstick

The first shade i tried was ruby rush in matte lip color line of Tom Ford. The next time i went to Sephora;i carefully selected 2 shade that suit me the best. Trust me it was one of the few most difficult decisions of your life!

These lipsticks are worth a pretty penny but they are so sooth, creamy and lasting. My lipstick easily lasts me 6-8 hours, which is quite a good time. The pigmentation leaves;Guerlein and Louboutin quivering in their shoes really, best lipstick hands down. A lot of people argue that a lot of drug store brand can compete easily with them but i doubt that. You need to try one to buy one really, i was their greatest skeptic and now I’m on my third tubes. My favorite matte shades are Pink Tease, Ruby Rush and Pussy Cat. I own both the shades of sheer and am looking to buy his boys girls line. These are smaller in size and hence a bit cheaper too.

TF lipstick

For those who are still on the fence about this gorgeous and luxurious brand, i would advise you to go ad try them in store. If you are not a fan, i would most definitely be shocked.

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