Bracelets that tell your story

Who doesn’t like personalized jewellery? I am extremely partial to all the things that i have customized or personalized for my friends and family. While my husband and I were still engaged, he bought me a charm bracelet; not just any charm bracelet- a Pandora’s bracelet, to be precise. Even though i loved charm bracelets back then, i didn’t realize how this bracelet would become my most prized possession some day.

Pandora's bracelet

Pandora was established in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It designs and markets hand-finished high quality jewellery at relatively affordable prices. They include rings, charms, bracelets,earrings, necklaces and pendants. They come  out with new collections and designs every season and have special pieces for special occasions such as valentines day, mothers day and so on.

Pandora's bracelet

My first charm was a rose gold Radiant Hearts charm, it was so delicate and the sunlight reflected off it beautifully. Since than we have added a lot more charms every occasion brings me a special joy that is so personal, in forms of charms. I have both my son’s initials, a family charm and a few more.

Pandora's bracelet

Some of my friends have bought same bracelets and prefer buying charms that are a counterfeit or a copy of the original Pandora’s charms so to say ; however I’ve always felt that the quality and finish is just never quite as good.

Pandora’s sells bracelets that are for men as well , so if you are a lady looking for something extra special for their significant other, do look into those. their website also offers an option for some inspiration if you are looking for some.

Pandora's bracelet

It’s been 10 long years since my first charm and while the bracelet looks so beautiful and draws any compliments, i feel that y bracelet some how narrates my life in a very visually stunning way. Whenever I’m feeling low, looking at my bracelet perks me up and life looks much better again.

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