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I love DIYs; whether I’m the queen of DIY or not, i love to indulge in something creative anytime. Home improvement projects, baby items or skin care; I have now a considerable size of projects that I have successfully completed or are well underway. Sometimes they might not turn out to be instagram worthy, but if you’ve made something with your own hands, it holds a special place in your heart-or on your dresser.

Earring DIY

Recently I saw a lady selling some jewellery on a kiosk that she had made herself, what exquisite pieces they were! I bought a couple of earrings from her and while chatting,she told me that she bought her supplies online or in our local hobby and crafts store. As soon as I got home I started looking for jewellery starter kits and what a treasure I hit! There were so many different kinds of them all the way from beads to hooks and clasps, everything was there.

I ordered a few kits and looked online for inspiration. Internet is such an amazing friend for us DIYers! Armed with my inspiration I set to work. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy, I’ve injured my fingers and broken so many chain links, don’t even get me started on that!

Refreshing floral bathroom

Anyhow, the dexterity of my fingers and the openness of my mind improved with every piece i made. In about 2 weeks i had eight pairs of earrings and the best part was that they were just the way I wanted them! Perfect in every way, i made a few pieces which were unique to the pattern on my sweatshirt or the design of my bag. So they were perfect to accessorize my outfit.

My kit had a wide range of designs, chains, long cylinders, gold semi circles, hoops both big and small, fake pearls and feather shaped ornaments. It was a wonderful mix and match elegance on my hands and i was free to use any combination i liked.

Refreshing floral bathroom

The verdict? They were a huge hit! I’m not starting my kiosk anytime soon but yes, I have a lot of small presents and stocking fillers at hand now. So any surprise birthday invitation is absolutely welcome now!

On the serious note, if you are adventurous or would like a rewarding hobby, do look into some easy tutorials for beginners. YouTube and Google are your friends, I also found a lot of jewellery classes for beginners in my nearest craft and hobby shop, community centres as well as the bead store I buy my blingy beads from!

I have already ordered more kits as well as a few books to indulge some more into my new found passion. I would advise anyone who is bored and even interested in making some cash to try their hand at making some easy yet elegant earrings. You can market them on the so many sites that provide a platform for new designers and entrepreneurs.

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