Chic long and short hair styles in 2017

Since women have a different taste for their hair styles, it is always important to understand your hair type. This acts as a starting point for determining the best styles, care, and type of products you will use to give the best results.

hair style
There are different styles of curly hair and can be categorized into sections to give you the best idea of how they appear. One that is defined by loopy curls is prone to frizz and needs light products to provide the best hold. The second type of curly hair has less space between each bend compared to the previous type. It also has a coarse and dense texture. Long curly hair is one where curls start showing almost at the middle of your hair and go all the way down.

hair style
If you have a super-thick hair, you can always use it to your advantage by making the locks look groomed and not heavy. The hair needs to be styled with layers and angles. Your stylist can either use the face framing feathery layers or you can choose to leave them straight. It all depends on what gives you the best look and something that makes you comfortable. You can also add more volume and texture to your hair by incorporating the angled hairstyle.

hair style
Sometimes it can be overwhelming to maintain long hair. That is one of the reasons why most women choose short hair styles that expose the back of the neck. You can also enhance their appearance by making them spiky at the ends. It is also possible to change your hairstyle depending on the occasion. There are many different hair styles out there that you can try today.The color intensity will also vary when determining what blends well with your skin color.

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